Hoffman Manor

by State Lines

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Jackson Anderson
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Jackson Anderson State Lines offer an amazing exercise in vulnerability and humanity in this pop punk record that is the perfect blend of catchy, but not saccharine. It's melancholic and depressing and I love it. Favorite track: Cancer.
Scotty Hart
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Scotty Hart Raw emotion and great writing. Listening to this album takes me back to high school. Favorite track: Cancer.
Tyler Burke
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Tyler Burke It's brass and honest in its delivery. It's not refined or symphonious, but neither are emotions and that's the beauty of it: It's emotional and every line the singer sings, every string the guitarist strums, every beat the drummer hits is charged with emotion and it's beautiful. Favorite track: My Friends.
Grant M. D
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Grant M. D These songs are all perfect combinations of instruments and melodies that are greatly benefited by the high quality of the mixing and mastering. This release brings forth emotions in a way few other releases have managed to do for me. Favorite track: Probably In A Notebook.
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Driver 02:10
I need to hold my at a standard, stay on the outside looking in. I called your phone at a quarter past 11, just to say goodnight and I hope you’re doing fine. I hope you think about me from time to time. Its 4am i burning ever ounce of energy out of this light bulb in my basement that’s accompanying me. I’d be lying to say everything’s the same. One day you’re gonna find yourself.
Getaway 02:45
Act like we didn’t see the cars on the side of the Meadowbrook, cracking windows just to breathe a shot of fresh air and the cold November breeze. When it descends, this silence is deafening. And its descends, and this silence is deafening. And a ground that’s stained with leaves is all that I can see through the window and the yellow lines pacing above me from the back seat. Getting high to pass the time, getting high all the time. You do this far much, “I know”. And this drive is just a getaway I could never get away from.
So fond of all these memories of nothing. You just lie to yourself. You said “nothing makes much sense when looked back at through retrospect.” There were sandbags on the shore in preparation of the storm. You were a hurricane, I was stagnant holding on but it gets tiring. It gets so tiring. When new wave comes to wash these shores away I wont be there. Look what we did: Lit a fire that burnt down everything. Im still trying to catch my breath while breathing in carcinogens, and the mess we made is still there to this day. Its in every breath I take, and its the reason why I say… some things you can never brace yourself for.
Cancer 04:06
We barely knew each others names, yet talked for hours. Sharing drinks on the back porch on that cold december day. And its funny how times flies when your lost in a pair of hazel eyes, watching the sunrise. Now I’m taking an hour drive to this hospital just to watch you die and I cant grip this steering wheel. And I’d dare the optimist to find the good that came out of this come I’m at a loss for words. The weight is sliding off your bones and your hair’s slowly getting thin, leaving wrinkles in your skin. The doctors said go pack your things, so we found you a wooden home, to spend the rest of your days alone. And I hear those angels knocking at your door sweety, don’t let them in. No, dont you dare open. Are you tired of breathing heavily when you’re laying in bed at night, trying to sleep? Well i’ll let you go if you’re suffering. I spent hours up, building courage just to pull this plug. I spent nights awake, thinking of the last words to say. It was twelve oclock when we got that call.
Garvey 03:03
One day you will die, know I wont be far from your side. My eyes will flood and pour as my tears pour rivers from my cheeks to the floor. But I think I’ll understand how the God you believe in could make such a demand to have you sitting by the side of his hand in stitches, the way you left me. And one day I’ll be fine, until then I’ll wait with both my hands tied. I’m a blindfolded boxer. I’m making noise just to keep myself heard. You’ve got to try and understand why these wolves cry at night in the holiest fashion. See, our darkest moments seem to shed the most light, so move forward and try to make right. One day we’ll say bye, know on that day a part inside me will die. Cause this heart doesn’t beat as fast without you Garvey, hold me to it when you go to sleep.
Oh God I got myself in such a mess, turning in all the wrong directions. And did I fail to mention sweating through sheets in a non-existent February heat. Lately it’s been taking its toll on me. Oh and I was in such a hole with plans of never waking up to see tomorrow. For the first time I saw myself let go and I cut that rope, that string of hope. The only thing we know is in the end, we only do what we think makes sense. And I’ve found a place to call my home. It lays somewhere in between you and this microphone. And I saw her there in my dream last night, And I saw her face reflecting light, And she spoke my name for the very first time, And I heard your voice bouncing off mine when you said “Did you forget the part where this won’t matter? Did you forget the part where this won’t mean a thing?”
Hopped on the train the other day on route to Penn, transfer at Jamaica. I observed strangers as they were looking through the glass that separates the waiting room from the platform looking on. I always seem to find some obscure beauty in my life on days that I feel less alive. And on the train ride home I was staring out the window, and it only goes to show. Don’t you hate to be alone? It’s only what we tell ourselves. Cause when I got on the train myself, I was hoping to sit next to no one else. So I just clenched and faked a smile. You took the car out for a ride, you were gone for quite a while. Time enough for me to hide, I took the bus out of this town far enough until I was safe. I never meant to let you down, I hated that look upon your face. Spend your nights wasting time,kissing every boy in line. I know where I spend mine, Goddamnit on repeat, singing every word in awe. One line stuck: “You were the last good thing I ever saw” When I got home, I couldn’t find closure in that note.
My Friends 03:36
Well I’m not sure how many miles left on this old blue rusted van. We pray, Betsy show us the coast like we know you can. And we’ll instill the life and ideals we’ve dreamed. Collect salt from the Atlantic coast, all the way to the Pacific sea And I can’t count how many nights I’ve spent tired, exhausted, and alone. Fueled by a dream of traveling home and the road. It’s more than a choice, we’d never fit in 9 to 5, suits and ties negotiating for some corporation. And I won’t forget these streets I’ve played on, but we’ve got to make something of ourselves. We’ll call wherever we are home. And we might die trying to cross state lines but we’ll never regret it. My friends have heavy hearts and cultured heads. They know everything and anything. And I swear one day we’ll all belong to regret, like salt to the ocean.
House 04:09
7 o’clock and I’m 7 deep. Trying to shake off some chick who made my knees weak. I plan on waking in a pile of puke from a night spent drinking to forget you. I think I found bravery, he was dressed in wood and strings. I embraced him as a friend and have been laughing at danger ever since. If this is growing up, I’ve been a child far too long cause I am poised to take on the world with this bottle of Jack on your front lawn. But I’m not telling you, Cause I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, Cause I’d rather not upset you. You said that everybody runs, well you were the one I ran to. But you’re not here anymore, Case and point: That is why I’m passed out on this bathroom floor. I guess everyone was right when they said I had a little more than I should’ve in the first place, let’s talk about your face and how I won’t never ever see it again, don’t fucking show your face again. You said the only place that you felt safe was in your humble home. Well darling, I couldn’t find the key so I threw a cello through your window. You’re not safe in your house now. You’re not safe in your house anymore.
Sentenced served, you’ve done your time living one hell of a life. What a hell of a lie, not one friend you made cared to stay alive. How’d you last so long without having to belong? Was it a song of false assurance to keep you from boring yourself? Growing old is just a way of saying how I’m losing control. This mind can’t hold a candle to all these thoughts I thought I could handle. And I’ll stand reluctant as they sign me in to an eternal hell of assisted living. Empty my accounts until there’s no trace of cash and I’ll spend my days killing time and losing strength in my hands at Hoffman Manor. I gave up everything that I had to spend my whole damn life feeling sad. Regardless, I lifted up both sides of your cheeks to put a smile on that face and you’ll never know how it buried me. Just keep it all up inside, find a place for it to hide. You’ve gotta keep it all up inside, find a place for it to hide.


released June 12, 2011


all rights reserved



State Lines New York, New York

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